Top Best 10 Games Under 10 MB With High Graphics

Who could have imagined that we will be able to play 1Gb games on our smartphones. It was impossible 10 years ago, but now it’s no big deal. However, I have experienced that gaming is only smooth when you have a high-end device and if you’re still using a low-end device, then all these fancy things is a still a dream for you.

Although, where there is a will there is a way. If you are reading this article, then I want to tell you that I have come today as a savior for all those guys who are using low-end Android devices and are in an urgent need of playing low MB games but can’t because your device won’t let you.

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Here are top 10 best games under 10MB for Android –

#10 Sky –

Sky is brought to you by Ketchapp, the same developers team which brought you Break Liner and Phases. This time they came up with a fantastic idea where you have to jump your obstacles to keep moving and beat your high score. A defined time-eater which will make you addicted towards it.

To add the cherry to top the cake, the main character also clones itself which is very helpful at times but everything to juggle becomes very difficult.

Screenshots –

#9 Endless Falling –

As the name sounds, the game is bizarre. It does what you will never do in your wildest dreams. The character jumps off the cliff, and you have to save him from coming obstacles down to the earth. The background score suits the theme of the game, and both complicate each other very well.

And to turn up the difficulty the game doesn’t let you fall free. You have to keep collecting the hearts to keep down the adrenaline. If you love games which possess a dark theme, then you can surely go for Endless Falling.

Screenshots –

#8 Modern Sniper –

An all and all shooting game which moves you to the world of crime and assassins. You are a modern sniper and you have to kill the mob of the enemy or the final target using your shooting skills. You are equipped with sniper rifles and assault rifles to kick your enemy’s a*s.

With over 50 missions to complete you are introducing yourselves to a hell of a ride. The game is all you would like to see in a modern day assassinations game. Go for a HEADSHOT now.

Screenshots –

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#7 Caveman Adventure –

Remember Mario or Adventure island? Caveman is an adventure game designed by STEM Studios. The game follows a caveman who’s kid is kidnapped by a dinosaur and the caveman is running through the jungle to find his kid and save him. The graphics and pacing of the game are as good as it should be at this time.

With more than 20 stages, power-ups, power-lows, 4 special worlds, hundreds of mind-boggling obstacles make this game extremely addictive and one of its kind. It will surely make you remember the old Mario games.

Screenshots –

#6 Skyball Lite –

Skyball Lite is a 3D racing game with some raging twists. Skyball lite make all the laws of physics useless and creates the world full of unconsciousness, disorientation, and unsettling. You have to use a skyball and keep rolling on till you reach the finish line. Everything in this world is upside-down and makes you confuse with loads of twists and turns.

When we talk about games under 10MB, we usually have to compromise on graphics and VFX, but that’s the beauty of Skyball Lite, compared to the small chunk of space it will acquire in your Android,the VFX is quite impressive.

The touch panel controls the speed and all the turns of the ball. Pressing the left side of the screen will make the ball speed up and pressing on the right side will make it slow.

The game is quite weird but very addictive. It gives the genre of racing a new and fresh twist.

Screenshots –

#5 No One Dies –

Enough of the same shit of running from obstacles. No One Dies is a 10 levels ups game. You are not supposed to control one character but 2 to 36 at a time. A mind twisting game designed to test hand and mind control skills.

Run faster without tripping and save as many as you can. If you want a dark game with some modifications of a full-on adventure game, then No One Dies is your cup of tea.

Screenshots –

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#4 Poly Path –

Poly Path is another very addictive game. To play this game, you need an incredible amount of focus and reflexes. You will counter balls which are supposed to be dropped in the rings with their respective colors. Initially, the game is easy to play but slowly the path becomes curious and starts moving, and the game becomes extremely difficult to carry out.

It’s simple yet very difficult to master. No damn Internet connection is required to play this awesome mind twisting game. Feeling bored? pick up your phone and start practicing your mind with something astonishing. And as we are discussing about games under 10MB, this game is also sized just 5MB.

Screenshots –

#3 Orbit Navigator –

Orbit Navigator is a run to survive kind of a game, but in this case, you don’t have to run but hop. You have to hop from one orbit to another and keep yourself alive by hopping to different orbits. Developed by Vanilla Web, the game is very simple with interface, theme and background score, but still a time-killer.

The category of low MB games is incomplete without Orbit Navigator.

Screenshots –

#2 Singularity –

Singularity is quite different from others. Here you have to find ways to jump downwards using shadows in both black and white platforms. The game can be played in almost all kind of Android versions available right now and also takes very less space in your phone, hardly 10Mb. It has minimal ads, created very less disturbance, although, those ads can be removed using In-App purchases.

Screenshots –

#1 Incrediblock: brick breaker –

Incrediblock is the traditional brick breaker game but with some useful modifications. The game has some new modifications like the breaking bricks can make your more points but can also become a changing point in your game by disrupting your ball.

Hundreds of levels and increasing difficulty and challenges with every level promises you a fantastic game.

Thus, was the top ten 10 best games under 10MB for Android. You can keep all the 10 games installed on your phone as they won’t take much space on your phone.

Screenshots –

Why Games under 10Mb are needful –

The reason for writing an article focusing on 10MB games is because it’s neglected category. In the era of high-end games, no one talks about these small sized games which usually make big impact. However, I believe 10MB games or low MB games are better than high-end games even for the high-end device holders because they are more convenient.

If you have a low-end smartphone which doesn’t support high-end games then these games under 10MB are a complete gaming package for you. All games are superior to their genre to give a tough competition to those high-weighted and high-powered games.

If you want to check other low MB games other then the options mentioned in the list than you can check the games by the developers like Candy Mobile, MiniCard, and Ketchapp. These bunch of developers designs the best low MB games suitable for you.

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Ending the Article –

As we are on the verge of finishing the article, I want to tell all you guys that you can try all the games mentioned above to have fun. All those games are sized under 10MB as promised. So, don’t wait anymore and start playing.

Hence, was the article on top ten best games under 10MB. I hope you liked the article. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

The Best Android Travel Apps for Free

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, it’s always a good idea to know where you’re going and be prepared for everything. If you have an Android device, that just got a lot easier, particularly with all the wonderful free travel apps you can download. From airfare to hotels, we’ve got the free apps here to help you enjoy travelling.

10 best travel apps you can download free

1. Translator Speak & Translate

A necessity for world travels, Translator does everything you’d expect; it recognizes audio patterns, tells you the language, and translates it into something you can understand.

Download Translator Speak & Translate Here (Free)

2. TripAdvisor Hotels Flights

An all-in-one app, TripAdvisor helps you find everything from hotels and restaurants to tourist locations in 300 of the world’s most popular cities. Also, TripAdvisor lets you download and save maps and data to your phone, so you won’t have to deal with roaming data charges.

Download TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Here (Free)

3. Skyscanner – All Flights!

Skyscanner is a great little flight-tracking app. Just input a city, a price, or an airline, and within minutes, Skyscanner will show you all your options. Great for those of us who just want to pick up and go on a whim.

Download Skyscanner Here (Free)

4. GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas

A free app that tracks gas prices in your area to find you the best deals, GasBuddy is almost essential to a successful road trip. Also, you can earn points and rewards for reporting gas prices in your area for the GasBuddy community.

Download GasBuddy Here (Free)

5. TripCase Travel Alerts

Combine all the details of your trip in one convenient free app with TripCase. Simply compile your information, send them to your account, and be kept up to date if anything changes.

Download TripCase Here (Free)

6. Urbanspoon Restaurant Reviews

Praised in The New York Times and PC MagazineUrbanSpoon is your go-to app for finding restaurants wherever you are. Browse reviews, price ranges, and even reserve tables all from this handy free app.

Download UrbanSpoon Restaurant Reviews Here (Free) LOOKING FOR MORE AWESOME APPS? CHECK THESE OUT!
Best Trip planner app for Android
Best currency converter for Android
6 best free android money apps

7. Currency Converter

In addition to just converting currency into over 190 different forms, this app comes directly from OANDA, one of the premier companies for foreign exchange trading. Your conversions will always be up to date with this app.

Download Currency Converter Here (Free)

8. Word Lens Translator

For when you need signs and menus translated, World Lens Translator works with your mobile device’s camera to take pictures and translate into six different languages. Also, the app doesn’t require a network, so you can use it wherever you need.

Download World Lens Translator Here (Free)

9. Agoda – Smarter Hotel Booking

A strictly hotel-booking app, Agoda gives you all the options for researching, booking, and even paying for your hotels. With over seven million customers and four million reviews, you’re sure to get the best prices possible.

Download Agoda Here (Free)

10. TouristEye – Travel Guide

Whatever step of your trip you are on, from planning to execution, TouristEye has you covered. With a wishlist function, you can put together the best parts of every trip together to make an ideal vacation.

Download TouristEye Here (Free) Whether you download these free apps before or during your world travels, you’ll find that they’re an incredible asset. If you’re going on a big international trip, you can trust these apps to handle all the small details so that you can focus on the important things.

XP Mod Launcher Apk For Android Free Download

XP Mod Launcher is an application to make your Android look like just the Windows classic XP desktop. Now there are so many Launchers available in the app market with unique design and features. XP may seem back dated but still it’s the best for its simplicity of use.

XP Mod Launcher also includes the interface of the classic windows XP. Your Android will look like you are using XP desktop. Everything is the same as it’s in the PC. You will have my computer, my documents, start menu, recycle bin.

Also You can explore all your file like you would in XP. You can also copy, cut and paste. Will have the control panel to control your apps. You can also change the display any time you want.

XP Mod Launcher Features:

  • Easy operating methods
  • Explore wide range of application
  • Easy to switch in other display
  • Login and log off sound
  • Classic view for Android
  • Small size
  • Different option provide
  • Start bar to turn on or turn of
  • Fast process
  • Good graphics quality
  • Different folders

Some limitation found like its not completely work in that way. In XP Mod Launcher app when you will open some images or videos it will redirect you to the containing apps going out of the XP mod launcher. Same thing will happen also with the browsers. Even with Internet explorer.

With This you can use several applications at a time like you do in PC. Also Change your desktop wallpaper, manage your files and folders.

XP mod launcher is probably the best interface changer that you will have for your Android. Completely different from others. Old fashioned but in terms of simplicity its great, and who doesn’t want a simple interface OS. So i recommend try this app. Download XP Mod launcher Apk free from below.

Top Free Android Apps for Holiday Season

These free apps are something you need to download asap to get organized in the holiday season!

For many of us, the upcoming holiday season is one of the very best times of the year. It’s a chance to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends, enjoy everything that Christmas brings, and then celebrate by ringing in the New Year and looking ahead to what it may bring. While it’s certainly a time for great merriment and being content with the ones you most love, it’s also a time when there can be so much to do that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things that need doing.

From Thanksgiving feasting and the grocery shopping involved, inviting folk over, Black Friday sales, thinking of gift ideas, buying Christmas gifts, making travel plans, decorating the house, keeping the kids amused as they wait for the arrival of Santa, and maybe planning a New Year’s Eve party, just thinking of it all is enough to bring us out in cold sweat! However, these days there are plenty of Android apps around that will help you to approach the holiday season with less trepidation, so you can spend more time enjoying the celebrations and less time worrying.

The Google Play Store is awash with Android apps for the holiday season, and as the winter is fast approaching it’s not too early to check some out to see what they have to offer. We’ve spent a reasonable amount of time looking at the myriad of apps available to produce our selection of the best apps for holiday season to get things done. Downloading and installing any or indeed all of these best free android apps will help you to be able to chill out a little and know that you’re ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.

So, what are the Best holiday apps?


Price: Free

Some people love the hustle and bustle of stores during the holiday season while others prefer to shop at home using their smartphone or tablet. Either way, the sheer amount of shopping can seem like a mammoth task, so one thing that can ease the pain is getting a bargain. Whether you’re shopping for gifts, for your home, or simply to treat yourself, Shopular is a hugely popular app that will help you to get the best deals. The app will provide you with coupons and weekly ads from well-known stores including Walgreens, Macy’s, Target, and Kohl’s, and covers more than a thousand US malls.

If you want to shop online, there’s an opportunity to earn 25% cash back, or if you want to go out to shop at the stores, the app will automatically appear on arrival at the mall and show the best deals and coupons as you shop. The coupons don’t need to be printed out as they are redeemed directly from your phone, and the app has an easy-to-navigate interface. This is one of our favorite shopping apps, and it’s really well worth using during the holiday season or all year round.

Download on Google Play Give your smartphone also a makeover.
Top free christmas live wallpaper


Price: Free with Ads

This is a fairly basic app, but it’s useful as it includes ideas for Christmas decorations, gifts, and cards. Better still, it will help you to keep kids amused and entertained, as many of the activities are suitable for children to attempt. The various craft projects require the use of basic materials such as paper, pens, pencils, paints, paper plates, and cartons, and the finished results can be used to decorate your home for the holiday season. Examples include various Santa crafts, tree decorations, and festive hats.

Download on Google Play


Price: Free with Ads

This is a great food app featuring recipes from your Food Network favorites. It provides recently aired recipes as well as those airing right now, and there are likely to be plenty of holiday season recipes to interest you over the coming weeks and months. There are over 70,000 recipes, and you can search for specific recipes, by course, or by the chef, or simply browse the many great ideas available. You’ll find the basics such as a Thanksgiving roast turkey dinner, cookies, and sweet potato recipes, as well as some great dessert dishes, festive cocktails, and much more.

You can share recipes with others or save them for your own collection, and this Food Network app also helps with your grocery shopping list as recipe ingredients can be saved ready for when you shop. The recipes are clear and easy to follow, although it should be noted that the video recipes are only available to view in the U.S.

Download on Google Play


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

One of our biggest headaches every Christmas is keeping track of gifts we’ve already purchased, are yet to buy, who we’re giving too, and what to get. This app really helps out in this respect as it enables you to enter who you want to buy for, how much you want to spend on each person, mark it once you have the gift, and mark it yet again once it’s wrapped and ready to give! You can also send a Christmas list via Twitter, Evernote, email, and more, and personalize each entry with a note, picture, or links for gift ideas.

It’s easy to overspend during the holiday season so using this app will help you to set a budget and keep track of what you’ve spent already, with the stats page also showing details such as gifts left to buy, left to wrap, and days to Christmas. As well as all this, you can protect your Xmas list with a password so if a member of your family or a friend is trying to snoop and see what you’ve got them; they won’t be able to find out. A really useful feature of this app is that it automatically archives your list on New Year’s Day each year, carrying over the people on your current list.

Download on Google Play


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

This app has a very high user rating of 4.5/5 stars on the Google Play Store. If you feel like your brain is getting saturated trying to remember everything you still have to get done, then Any.Do could be the right app for you. It’s a general productivity app with a clean, uncluttered interface that will help to make your life a whole lot easier at this time of year. It features a daily planner, to-do-list, reminders, and a calendar, so is extremely useful whether you’re trying to remember to pick up laundry, clean out those cupboards that some family members insist on looking in, borrow that large roasting dish from Mom, shine your champagne glasses, or simply want a reminder to pick up Uncle Chuck at the airport.

The latest update to the app added the option to create an event, useful if you’re planning a party or perhaps New Year fireworks, and the app also includes a widget for the home screen of your device, so it’s easy to see those reminders and things you have left to do.

Download on Google Play


Price: Free with Ads

For many of us when we think of Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year, we associate it with trying to get home for Christmas or perhaps having people to stay. The KAYAK app is a great all-around travel app that will assist you in making your holiday season travel plans go smoothly. It gives information and deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars with easy, secure, and convenient booking. One of the best aspects of this travel app is the additional information it provides such as security wait times (so you need to know whether to leave early for the airport), terminal maps, and flight status updates so you know just when that special someone is arriving.

Download on Google Play


Price: Free with Ads

If you want to send a Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year card to friends and family, you don’t need to limit yourself to a greetings card app that’s purely for the holiday season. This app contains cards for just about every occasion, so even when the holiday season is well, and truly over, you’ll still be able to use it on numerous occasions including Halloween, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day and a whole lot more.

You simply search for the occasion you require, select a card from the huge selection offered, personalize it with a name and message, and then share it across social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp. An additional nice touch is the ability to search for quotes or famous people to find relevant content to share.

Download on Google Play


Price: Free with Ads

This is a very appealing app although unlike the craft app we mentioned previously, this one is aimed more at crafts and decorations for adults to make (although the kids might like to help). There are some beautiful ideas to decorate your home for the holidays, and the fact that they are homemade with love and care make them even more special. Of course, you can also save money on expensive in-store decorations, which is a big bonus! There are plenty of decorations in this app with step-by-step instructions, and just a few examples are Christmas tree decorations, home décor, Santa Claus, candles, bells, snowflakes, snowmen, and reindeer.

Download on Google Play


Price: Free with Ads

As this is a compilation of best apps for holiday season to get things done, this Christmas songs app might not be an obvious choice. However, we felt that listening to Christmas music while you’re working your way through all the tasks involved in the holiday season, might get you in the festive spirit and help to make things more enjoyable.

There’s something about Christmas music that really makes us cheerful, and the songs in this app can be set as ringtones and assigned to different contacts, set as alarms and message tones, and more. Just a few of the music choices available are Jingle Bells, Away in a Manger, Sleigh Bells, Joy to the World, and Silent Night.

Download on Google Play


Price: Free with Ads

So you’ve made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas, and there are just the New Year festivities to look forward to. It’s time to count down the days to the end of the current year and anticipate everything that lies ahead, and this New Year countdown app will help you do just that.

This live wallpaper app can be set to show the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the New Year, so if you’re throwing a party and want to coordinate the New Year countdown, this is a good option. We associate fireworks with this special occasion and the scenes feature plenty of lights and sparkles.

The app has been updated for 2018, and if you want, even more, you can choose to upgrade to the premium version priced at £0.99. Additional features with the premium offering include more theme colors, new shapes, exclusive camera scenes and more.

Download on Google Play


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

Cheer up with holiday spirit! Fill your house with classic Christmas music. Magic Piano will let you play free holiday songs as well as timeless classics. While sitting with family ask everyone to play songs and see who can do it perfectly. This could be a whole lot of fun in the family get together.

Download on Google Play

Final word

Any or all of these apps should help you to get ready for the holiday season, and on top of all the necessary preparations. After all, this is supposed to be a time of year to relax among the company of those closest to you, not running yourself into the ground getting increasingly frazzled as the season progresses. As well as practical apps that will help with the shopping, planning, decorating, and shopping, there are also apps that you can sit down and share with the kids and get all the family involved. If you have enjoyed our ideas for the best apps for the holiday season, let us know which you found most useful or alternatively recommend one that we haven’t include in our top choices.

FireTube Apk Free Latest version Download For Android

FireTube is a music player which allows user to listen to any songs, anytime, anywhere they want. Most importantly this app offer user to listen to the song from YouTube in Mp3 format.

FireTube Apk is designed in such a way that it looks like a music player only. This is first the YouTube music player that has all function and design like a proper music player. It also let user to play YouTube videos in background. You can listen to the music while doing other work in your device or just screen off.

FireTube Apk will provide you the daily updates. New tracks, Hit songs, most viewed songs. You also can sync your play list with your favorite songs. You can also share your sync list to other device so that you don’t have to create another one.

FireTube Apk Features:

  • Background play: Make FireTube playing in the background and listen to music without any barrier.
  • Unlimited Music: Get access to the largest database of music available.
  • Daily recommendation: Will provide you the most new, hot tracks available.
  • Discover Music: Look for different types of music which you didn’t hear
  • Sync playlist: Sync your playlist to listen to your music from anywhere.
  • Automatic queue: Create a queue based on the song artist.
  • One touch: With a simple click you can watch your favorite music video.
  • Video mode: You can also turn the video from mp3
  • Import play list: Import your synced playlist from one device to another

When you will tap to play the video into mp3 there will be a still image from the video. That’s how this app consumes much of your data.

FireTube App is an amazing app to fully turn video into music. It also has the access to log you into your YouTube account. So that you can listen to your own favorite music. Therefore download FireTube Apk now.

Nova Launcher For Android Free APK Download

Nova Launcher is very helpful and user friendly launcher with highly customizable option. It is the most rated app in this genre. Also it completely let you control your home screen. This app look very simple but much effective. So if you want to look for a modern but simple launcher for Android, this is the best.

Nova Launcher apk for Android got amazing graphics quality which will blow your mind. How come a Launcher with simple build has that type of graphics. It got some awesome transition effects. It also got features like change icons, layouts, animation and more.

Nova Launcher for Android Features:

  • Thousand of icon themes
  • Color controls
  • Customize app drawer, also manage your apps
  • Greater controlling
  • Manage your widgets
  • Backup and restore system
  • Create multiple docks
  • Unlimited scroll
  • Different widgets, place any of them in your docs
  • Import layout from other launchers to Nova Launcher
  • Simple, quick, highly optimized
  • Amazing graphics quality

This app  provides a new look to an Android. With different home screen and edit option will make you organize your desktop as you like. It also very user friendly, make your device run smoother. Also Support landscape orientation. Changes styles of animation of multiple open apps.


For my money, Nova is the best launcher of the AOSP-style launchers available in Android. –Android Police

Nova Launcher has some very capable hands behind it –Phandroid

Our favorite is Nova Launcher, which strikes a great perfect balance between incredible performance and high customizability without getting too gimmicky and difficult to use –Lifehacker

Chock full of features you won’t find in the stock launcher, and also comes highly recommended –Android Central

There are two version of this app for Android in Google play. One is free and another one is Paid. You will get some extra features in the paid version like gestures, unread counts, hide apps, icon swipes. But we are providing the free version. So download the Nova Launcher app now.

FarmVille 2 Country Escape 11.9.3285 Apk + Mod for Android

Escape to the world of farming, friends and fun! Go on farm adventures to collect rare goods and craft new recipes. Raise animals and grow your farm with friends. Join a farm Co-Op to trade and share or play on your own in Anonymous Mode. You can play FarmVille anytime, anywhere… even when not connected to the internet. Best of all, the world’s most popular farming game is free to play!

**Google Play Best Games of 2014**
** “FarmVille is back and this time, it’s portable” – TIME **
** “”Officially not just for Facebook anymore”” – Los Angeles Times **
** “”They may have built the best FarmVille game of the series”” – Kotaku **

  • CRAFT a variety of baked gourmet goods like classic country apple pies
  • HARVEST farm fresh crops of your favorite fruits and vegetables
  • CUSTOMIZE your own farm for charming country living
  • COLLECT hidden and rare items as you discover a new coastal farm
  • NURTURE and raise a wide variety of adorable animals like your very own farm dog
  • EXPLORE a new FarmVille story filled with special farm adventures
  • BUILD a lush family farm by the coast so all your friends can visit
  • FISH with your fellow farmers and sell your catch at Pike’s Landing
  • GARDEN by the beautiful blue ocean as you decorate your farm with flowers and fresh produce
  • TRADE and chat with friends or play anonymously with people from all over the world
  • ESCAPE to the coast and then connect to your Facebook farm to send free water
  • EARN daily rewards with the Mystery and take a spin at the Prize Wheel


  • For specific information about how Zynga collects and uses personal or other data, please read our privacy policy at
  • This game does permit a user to connect to social networks, such as Facebook, and as such players may come into contact with other people when playing this game.
  • The game is free to play, however in-app purchases are available for additional content and premium currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99.
  • You will be given the opportunity to participate in special offers, events, and programs from Zynga Inc and its partners.

Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Zynga’s Privacy Policy. Zynga’s Privacy Policy is available in the Privacy Policy field located in the Developer section below. Both policies are available at Social Networking Service terms may also apply.


ALL NEW EVENT: Pull your heart strings with a thrilling love triangle in this year’s the Venetian Valentine.
– 3 exclusive farm hands for the first time.
– Ready your farm for Gondolier Giovanni, The Queen of Hearts and Prince Ponzi!
– COMPETE in 2 stages to earn rewards like Keys, Padlocks & more.
– WIN Venetian Cat, the masked cat, permanently!

Fildo Apk 4.3.3 Latest Version Free Download For Android

Fildo Apk

Fildo Apk is one of the best free alternatives of the premium music streaming apps out there. The great thing about Fildo Apk is its free nature. The app provides users the direct download link of the MP3 file which you want to listen. It collects the MP3 file from various sources and brings it to one place. So, users just need to search for their favorite music file, and they will be able to download it on their Android. So, its one of the best music app which every music lovers would love to have.

It’s of no doubt that streaming services like YouTube, Twitch, Spotify is transforming the entire tech world. Every other day we see new streaming service popped up and went down on the internet. However, popular streaming services like YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, etc. have made its mark and users love their services. Right now, if we search for music streaming services on the Google Play Store, we will find plenty of them. However, most of them are premium apps, and they don’t entertain users for free.

Content Navigation [show]

Fildo Apk Latest Version Download

Fildo Apk Latest Version Download APPFILDO
Last UpdateMarch 6, 2018
5.2 MBInstalls
Packagecom.playermusicmp3.fildoCategoryMusic & Audio


However, many people don’t want to pay for music streaming services. So, for those people, there is a minimal choice available. So, in this article, we are going to make things a little bit easier by providing you a free music streaming app known as Fildo Apk.

What is Fildo Apk?

Fildo Apk is one of the best free alternatives of the premium music streaming apps out there. The great thing about Fildo Apk is its free nature. The app is totally free to use, and it doesn’t have any in-app purchases.

The interface of the Fildo is also well organized which makes it easier for users to search & listen to their favorite music content. Apart from all of these, the app provides you the direct download link of the MP3 file which you want to listen.

Fildo for Android also works in a different way, it collects the MP3 file from various sources and brings it to one place. So, users just need to search for their favorite music file, and they will be able to download it on their Android.

Features of Fildo Apk

Fildo Apk is indeed an excellent app for all music lovers. The app not only provides users MP3 files for free, but it can also do lots of other things which we are going to list down below.

  • As we have said, Fildo Apk is entirely free to download. The app doesn’t put any restriction on using the services, and you don’t need to pay anything.
  • The interface of Fildo for Android is well organized, and it makes the entire navigation and search process lot easier.
  • The app doesn’t need any hefty requirements to run on your Android smartphone. You can enjoy the app even on low internet speed and low-end smartphone.
  • Fildo Apk is the only Android app available on the internet which allows users to stream and download music files directly on their Android smartphone.
  • Users can use Fildo Apk to download songs of almost every category. You can download Tollywood, Punjabi, Bollywood music by using Fildo for Android.

Features are interesting, isn’t it? Well, Fildo for Android is not just limited to the above-listed features, the app can do lots of other things apart from what listed. So, start using the app to explore more features.

How To Install Fildo Apk On Android?

Fildo Apk is indeed a great app which everyone would love for sure. So, if you have made up your mind to download & install the app on your device, read out the installation guide.

#1 Download Fildo Apk on your Android smartphone. You can get the download link from the download section.

#2 Once downloaded, move the file to a safe location and remember the location where you have saved.

#3 Now head to the Settings > Security. Under the Security panel, find and enable the option ‘Unknown Sources’

#4 Now go back to the location where you have saved the Fildo Apk and install it.

#5 Wait until the app installs. Once installed, open the app from the App Drawer. Grant all the permissions and you will now see the main interface of the app.

That’s what you have to do if you want to install the latest version of Fildo 2018 on your Android smartphone. If you need some other help, discuss with us in the comments.

Final Verdict

Fildo Apk is one of the best free alternatives of the premium music streaming apps out there. Users can use Fildo Apk to download songs of almost every category like Tollywood, Punjabi, Bollywood. So, its indeed a great music app to have on your device.

Download GBWhatsApp For Android!

We have tried to cover every part of Fildo Apk for Android. However, if we have missed anything, then make sure to remind us in the comments. If you need help regarding the installation steps, then discuss with us in the comment box below.

APP Advertising: Discovering New Content Ideas That Attracts More Audiences

After developing an APP, It is very important to always have new ideas about your content. However, there are times when people run out of ideas and that is where the problem begins.

We lose our audiences when we are not sure about the content we want to create, or when we are unable to generate new ideas. As we know, the audience is attracted to new ideas, and not having any new ideas in your mind means not having an audience.

But there are some ways to always have new ideas about your content. If one follows these ways, he will never have to worry about running out of ideas, and also he will attract more audience towards his content.

Content Navigation [hide]

  • 1 Ways of Creating Audience-Oriented Content to get Targeted Leads
  • 2 APPs advertising through Social Media Analytics
  • 3 Take your Audience’s Opinions and get maximum Install for APP
  • 4 Marketing Personas

Ways of Creating Audience-Oriented Content to get Targeted Leads

If you create the content your audience wants, you already have some loyal audience. Your content needs to be audience-centered in order to engage more and more Instagram followers. However, we will look upon some ways on how to create content that your audience desires.

APPs advertising through Social Media Analytics

It is always better to know what is most liked by your audience, and your post should be about it. In order to know about the needs and likes of your audiences, you will have to look on to your social media analytics.

If you’re using Facebook, simply click on the insights and then on the posts. There you will have a list of posts, and you will have to find the post with the highest reach. Once you find the post with the highest reach, you will have an idea about your further posts.

It is the case with Instagram. In order to find analytics from Instagram, you should be having a business profile. Tap on to the analytical icon and then on posts. There you will find posts in order with the highest reach and highest audience engagement.

If you want to find analytics for any other social media profiles, you will have to follow the same procedure. You can also have an idea about the most desired post by looking on to the number of likes and comments on a post.

Take your Audience’s Opinions and get maximum Install for APP

Creating a social media poll, or social media quizzes, or conducting surveys, can be an important way of knowing about the most desired content of your audiences. Considering your audience opinion is very important because you are making posts for them.

In order to get attention from them, you need to address their needs and their opinions. Simply create a poll on Facebook about various things and know more about your audiences. Instagram now too comes with a poll option and makes it easier to know about the wants and desires of customers.

Marketing Personas

Creating marketing personas is another great way to become aware of the likes and dislikes of your audience. If you consider their likes and dislikes, it will create a sense of value and loyalty. Marketing personas are an essential way of creating and sharing content on social media.

15 Best Free Word Games for Android to have fun or test yourself

Top 10 Free Android Games for KidsWhether you want to challenge your brain, have fun, or simply chill, there are plenty of word games for Android devices to fit the bill!

The sheer amount of word games available on the Google Play Store can make it difficult to know where to begin, and for every great one, there are also some real duds. Therefore, we’ve done the groundwork by checking out a variety of Android word games to produce our choice of the best free word games for Android. All of our picks are free to download and play, though some include in-app purchases (IAPs) for additional features, items, power-ups, in-game currency, removal of ads and more. Word games are also some of the easiest games to pick up so they can appeal to all kinds of players from young to old. That means they can be played and participated in by all members of the family or with groups of friends. Likewise, it’s easy to challenge players you don’t know and increase your friendship circle. Word games also have appeal whatever your language skills, so whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player there’s a game for you.

15 best Word games for Android

1. Words With Friends 2 – Word Game

Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

Zynga’s Words With Friends is commonly thought of as the daddy of all word games, and this later version carries on the success. Take it from one who knows, this scrabble-type game is completely addictive and there are various game modes to suit all players. For instance, you can play the Solo Challenge events against fictional characters, take part in the super speedy Lightning Round as part of a team, or challenge other players (friends, family or Smart Match opponents) in classic gameplay.

Additionally, there are weekly challenges where you can attain themed badges, and notifications will alert you when you can take your turn. IAPs are for in-game currency but there’s really no need to splash your cash, as there’s plenty of gameplay that’s entirely free. However, we did think it was worth a small purchase to remove the ads.

Download Words With Friends 2


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Wordscapes from PeopleFun has gathered a whopping user rating of 4.8/5 stars on the Play Store. This word puzzle game will put your wits to the test, and if you’re a fan of anagram or crossword puzzles you really should try this out. There are more than 4,700 crossword puzzles and updates bring new levels all the time. For example, the most recent update added a further 400 levels. Wordscapes has been downloaded more than 10 million times and we can see why.



Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

This game offers a nice twist as it combines a word game with a story. The simply drawn story concerns a man who has been framed and put in prison, who hopes that one day he might be free again. You can help by finding the mystery words to win games, and if you need assistance there are free hints to help you along. It’ll take real perseverance though as there are 1,000 levels to get through. Words Story is a good logic game that’s worth checking out.

Download Words Story


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

One of the newer word games on the block, Word Crafty has plenty to offer for those who enjoy puzzles involving word swiping and letter connecting. It’s easy to learn, has more than 3,000 brain puzzles, and you’ll need to complete chapters to progress with the chance to earn bonuses along the way. Various Word Select themes are available, such as festive word cookies, spooky candy, and beach vacation, and if you get stuck you can ask your family and friends for help.

It’s nicely designed, with customizable options, and you’ll find it easy to lose many hours playing this app. At the same time, you’ll be enhancing your vocabulary so it’s a win-win situation.

Download Word Crafty


Price: Free with ads

Another one from game giant Zynga, Boggle (formerly known as Word Streak) is extremely enjoyable and hard to put down once you’ve started. Personally, it’s a go-to word game to the extent that I could boggle till dawn! The game involves swiping letters to spell out words, and you can challenge family, friends, or complete strangers in a battle against the clock. As each round only lasts two minutes it’s the sort of game that you can pick up at odd moments, or you can keep challenging more people if you find you can’t stop.

If you’re a little rusty as far as word games are concerned, you can also play the Coach across three rounds to help improve your skills. In-app purchases can be used for in-game currency, although with daily bonuses and power-ups there’s no need to spend a penny if you don’t want to.

Download Boggle With Friends


Price: Free

We really wanted to include Wordament in our list of the 10 best free word games for Android as there are no in-app purchases so it’s completely free to play. There are some ads but we didn’t find them too bothersome so don’t let that put you off this real-time online word jumble game. You can play against thousands of other players at the same time on the same board, with different challenges such as themed words, speed rounds and many more.

It’s possible to keep a detailed look at your progress as this Microsoft app offers stats such as best word count, total score, first place finishes and more. Check out the leaderboards to find your main competition, and who knows, one day you could be at the top.

Download Microsoft Wordament


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

We love the simple, minimal interface of Letterpress where you’ll compete against other players to spell words on a 5 x 5 grid and take control of the board. You can play at your own pace and receive notifications when it’s your turn, and if you want to learn how to play before you challenge friends or other opponents, you can challenge a Bot first.

Features include a real-time chat with other players, detailed stats including matches played, running score, and unique words played leaderboards, and real-time definitions powered by Oxford Dictionaries. Letterpress has an intuitive play and the opportunity for customization, and it will help hone your strategic skills.

Download Letterpress – Word Game


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

If you’ve ever thought of yourself as a wizard with words why not take on the role of the wizard in Spellspire. We love the little fella with his magical wand, and the bigger words you spell out with the letters from the grid, the more potent spells you can weave to make your way up the floors. Dead monsters leave gold to collect so you can treat yourself to more wands, robes, hats, or abilities, and increase your chances or beating those monsters. Spellspire has a neatly comic touch and is a lot of fun to play, so do take a look.

Download Spellspire


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Meet CodyCross, a friendly alien who wants to find out about our planet after crash-landing here. It’s your job to show him by traveling through time and space and solving themed crossword puzzles as you go. Every correct answer will take you a step closer to revealing a secret word.

There are over 1,000 puzzles, weekly updates, and the chance to become a trivia master, all the while exploring new worlds. Power-ups can be used to reveal a letter if you’re stuck, and difficulty levels include easy, medium, and hard, as well as a kid’s mode. The app is packed with features and plenty of the play is free. However, some features (such as special packs) require the use of IAPs.

Download CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

This is one of the newest word games available and is quickly gaining fans. It comes from the same developer as Wordscapes so it’s perhaps no surprise that it’s finding success already. It’s simple enough to get the hang of but the challenge soon builds so you’ll be giving your brain a workout. The basic idea is to swipe to uncover hidden words, and success will make the Word Stacks crumble to the ground. There are over 2,000 evolving levels and features include clues, power-ups such as Light Bulb or Spyglass, and rewards for bonus words. You can also unlock custom themes and backgrounds as you play, and like many other word games, you might find you get addicted to this one in no time at all.

Download Word Stacks

11. Ruzzle

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Ruzzle is one of the most downloaded word games for Android. The application presents a board on which you must find as many words as possible in the shortest time, in any direction but always without lifting your finger from the screen. Challenge friends online and discover who is the fastest.

Download Ruzzle

12. Words

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Words is a game in which you must find the hidden words in the grid system. You can move freely in any direction. You can choose different difficulty levels, or select the game mode against the clock.

Download Words

13. Words With Friends

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Words with Friends is another free social word game where your skills are tested. Millions of users compete in this application by creating words to get higher scores and progress in the ranking. You can play up to 20 simultaneous games with friends or random users chosen by the system.

Download Words With Friends

14. Bonza Word Puzzle

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Bonza is a game that will take you to solve a lot of thematic crosswords, with an unusual mode in relation to what you are accustomed in this kind of games. In this game, you’ll give a topic and have to assemble an assortment of crossword-style letter tiles so they make a full set of words. If things get too tricky, you can spend the coins you earn in-game on hints.

Download Bonza Word Puzzle(FREE)

15. WordOn HD

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Wordon HD is another addictive game that works perfectly on both smartphones and tablets and has a large comnmunity of users. It is played by forming words with 7 and 2 letters that our adversary gives us. In every play, you’ll get stars with which you can get help or have a look at the letters that your opponent have.

Download WordOn HD(FREE)

Final Thought

We’ve really enjoyed compiling our choice of the 10 best free word games for Android and have found new favorites to go with our existing ones. Many of these games can be played offline as well as online, and while in-app purchases are commonplace, they are really not necessary to enjoy most of these apps.

These games will help you relax at the end of a busy day, and keep your gray matter ticking over at the same time. If you find a new word game that you think should be included as a top pick, let us know by sending a comment about it. Which of the above word games do you like best?